Learn more about how our service works and why Cannabis Telemed is the best choice for your online medical card.

How it Works

Full Service Cannabis Telemedicine Platform

Full Service Cannabis Telemedicine Platform

Step #1: Book your appointment

Use our easy online scheduling tool to find an available appointment for an upcoming clinic that works for your schedule. Once you have scheduled your appointment, fill out any required patient forms before the date of your appointment.

Step #2: Attend your Online Telemed Appointment

On the date of your appointment, log into the patient portal and launch our easy to use Telemed technology to connect with your doctor for the recommendation appointment. Or if you opted to see the Doctor in person, show up at the location of the clinic at the time of your appointment.

Step 3: Application Submission

As soon as the doctor approves you for your medical card, you will have what you need to get approved for a medical card. If you choose our Full-Service package one of our patient support team members will finalize all of the paperwork and submit your application to the OMMA to get final approval and the actual Medical Card. If you opted for a Medical Card only, we will scan your Physician Recommendation Form into the patient portal where you can access to and use it to file the application yourself.

Our Doctors

Medical Cannabis Professionals

Medical Cannabis Professionals

Board Certified Physicians

All of our doctors are board certified physicians who have the proper State of Oklahoma Health Department credentials to write medical cannabis recommendations. Since December of 2018 our physicians have successfully helped thousands of Oklahoma patients get their patient cards.

Our Doctors Guarantee

If for some reason you do not meet the requirements or do not qualify for a medical card your appointment will be 100% FREE – any payments made will be refunded IN FULL.

Trusted Medical Professionals

Cannabis Telemed is a patient oriented technology service. Our goal is to find and partner with the best Cannabis Doctors in the State of Oklahoma who are as patient oriented as we are. We only partner with the best doctors in the cannabis industry, who we are confident can deliver top patient outcomes.

About us

Our Story

Cannabis Telemed is the result of a partnership between a recommending physican and an IT professional. It was built to be an easy, secure and private way for patients to connect with doctors to obtain their medical cannabis card. Our mission is to assist our patients gain access to the healing benefits of medical cannabis therapies whether we see them in the clinic or through our online telehealth platform.

Expanded Service

We offer a Full-Service Medical Card package where we will take full responsibility for making sure that your application papework is picture perfect and then we will submit it to the OMMA for you. We also offer a Premium Care package that comes with even more extended care features. 

Ongoing Care

We are committed to our patients wellbeing and are interested in the long term care considerations of our patients. That is why we offer a personalized consultation with one of our Cannabis Wellness Advisors with our Full-Service Medical card packages. With our Premium Care Bundle, we also offer a check up with the doctor, as well as a mental health check-up with a professional cannabis mental wellness counselor and an additional consultation with one of our Cannabis Wellness Advisors.

New Patient Guide

Getting Started

In order to help new patients understand the basics of getting a medical card with Cannabis Telemed we have put together a helpful New Patient Guide. If you are looking for more information about the requirments and steps needed, please read through our New Patient Guide.

Qualifying Conditions

Outlined in our New Patient Guide are details on some of the common medical conditions and symptoms that that we regularly see patients using cannabis for. This section of the guide will help you better understand how cannabis might be able to help you manage your own symptoms.

Check your Eligibility

Using our New Patient Guide you can run through a quick diagnostic eligibility form that will help you determine whether or not you are eligible for a medical card.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. If for any reason we are unable to get you approved for a Medical Card we will give you full refund!